Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

no.01 Makes the individual the primary concern in providing care using a person-centered approach to care.

no.02 Provides care in a manner that preserves and protects individual's dignity.

no.03 Demonstrates honesty and integrity.

no.04 Accurately represents self with respect to name, title and role.

no.05 Protects Individual's privacy and confidentiality.

no.06 Recognizes, respects and promotes the Individual’s right to be informed and make informed choices where they are able.

no.07 Promotes and maintains respectful communication in all professional interactions.

no.08 Treats colleagues, students and other care workers in a respectful manner; educates others about respectful communication and ways to effect positive behavior change in the workplace.

no.09 Recognizes and respects the contribution of others on the care team.

no.10 Identifies the effect of own values, beliefs and experiences in carrying out activities and care.

no.11 Recognizes potential conflicts and acts to de-escalate, prevent and resolve.

no.12 Identifies ethical issues; consults with the supervisor and under consultation and direction, act to resolve and evaluates the effectiveness of actions.

no.13 Understands and does not engage in conflicts of interest including not accepting gifts or complementary items or remuneration from individual's families; and does not engage in fundraising in the workplace, either by social media or in person, for personal or other causes.

no.14 Understands the importance of individuals' religious and cultural affiliations and encourages participation as guided by individual, parent or guardian.

no.15 Initiates, maintains and terminates care-giver/client relationships in an appropriate manner.

no.16 Provides a team approach when transitioning an individual to a new facility or home.

no.17 Educates others to provide care in a manner that preserves and protects individuals' dignity.

no.18 RYSE shall be transparent in its contractual relationships by witnessing all legal documents, exercise integrity in financial practices, and be accountable to its funding bodies and stakeholders.

no.19 Personnel shall not act as a witness to documents such as Power of Attorney, guardianship, advance directives, and/or agency contracts without the expressed written approval.  Personnel are authorized to countersign documents such as intake forms, authorizations (i.e., release of information form), treatment plans, etc. as directly related to their job duties.