Who We Are


Who We Are

Specializing in High Risk Youth, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), FASD, and intellectual disabilities. RYSE homes are well equipped to meet the needs of the children and youth entrusted to our care. Our team of dedicated staff is committed to creating meaningful relationships with persons served, who need our professional, systematic, consistent approach to developing the skills necessary for success. The RYSE team has answered the call and embraces these individuals in our care.


Our Mission

To provide the highest standard of residential care for the physical, emotional, and intellectual support and growth of children and youth with additional needs. Through compassion and integrity, we operate on the foundations of human dignity, respect and ethics, while complying with the standards of CARF, and Social Services.


Our Vision

To be amongst the top service providers for children and youth in care as well as in our drive for expansion to stretch our hand for kids across our Western Nation. To foster a safe and inclusive community where you can say, “in this place and with these people, I feel safe.”


how ryse started

Eight years ago, RYSE Supportive Services was born out of the need for placement for a young ten-year-old girl. The founder of RYSE, Cheryl Peters, is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse who was approached by two ministry Social Workers searching to find a placement for this young Autistic girl who was in Children’s Hospital and was being discharged that day! Cheryl successfully worked as a foster parent for challenging children for 14 years. Those challenges included: FAS, intellectual delays, blind, severe refractory mental illness, borderline personality disorder, attachment disorder, and oppositional defiance disorder. It seemed like a natural progression to start a staffed resource for this young girl. Cheryl assembled a team of gifted staff who had experience with Autism and then set forth in putting together a basic program to create structure, consistency, and continuity for the care of this young girl who was nonverbal, violent, and self-injurious. Over the next several months the program was refined and in 2.5 years this young girl was returned to her family fully verbal, fully integrated into school, reading and writing, and a delightful young person; far more advanced than expected or thought she could ever attain.

This was the beginning of RYSE; today there are more children and youth along with their families being helped by our professional, caring and nurturing staff. Here, you will say, “in this place and with these people, I feel safe”.